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It’s worrying to see your child unable to understand what they’re reading. Your child may be a fluent reader but can’t understand contexts. Or perhaps the struggle stems from the fact that he is a poor reader.

His foundational reading skills may be underdeveloped. That’s why advanced skills are troubling…

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I am a mom first, a teacher second. With that being said, I know the importance that education has on the future of our youth.

With the school year in full swing and Tim in Kindergarten, we are finally settling into a routine. Our nightly routine includes dinner, baths, and…

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The birth of a child is a miracle of nature. What’s more miraculous are the stages of development of humans from an infant to an adult. Regardless of the race, religion or ethnicity all children broadly follow similar phases of development. …

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We, adults, communicate through verbal language when we need something. However, animals communicate using sounds, but newborn babies communicate using sounds or crying as they do not know the language. The baby relies on parents and close family members for warmth, comfort, and food. In this article on why do…

Amy Rose

I write about parenting and nursing. I also review, test and sell products for parents such as like diaper bags and maternity dresses at

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